Here are some commonly asked questions

Of course, we have two plans:

Spectator (FREE), with which you will have access to the 4 classes of the first module of the course; the Basic module. In addition, you will also be able to see from the inside which classes make up the rest of the modules and check their quality. You can get your free access HERE.

Champion (Full plan), with which you will have access to all the classes of the course. You will also have access to our support team and all the templates and cheat sheets needed to put our strategies into practice.

The Academy access can be paid with:

-Credit/Debit Card

*To pay with Cryptos, we use Coinbase to receive payments, but you can pay from every platform, like Binance. It is not necessary to have a Coinbase Account.

Don’t worry! Many clients have been using and learning from our Academy and they started from zero.

Our Academy starts from a Basic level. Apart from the classes where we explain everything in detail, we have guides and a support team that will assist you with the questions you may have.

Besides, we have the Basic module for FREE so you can start on your way to becoming a successful trader without spending anything at the beginning.

In the course you will learn all the key concepts necessary to be able to trade on your own in a profitable way and also that will allow you to make your own strategy when doing your analysis or when following our Signals.

The course content is divided into 4 levels: Apprentice, Adept, Expert and Master, in which you will find the 12 modules and 67 classes that make up the course.

In the home section of this website you will see what the course content is in more detail, and also if you access the Free plan of the Academy (Spectator).

Yes, our Academy will provide you with all the necessary tools (videos, templates, cheat sheets, etc..) for you to start to trade on your own.

In addition, the fact that our WolfxSignals brand is one of the most recognised brands for signals and analysis in the Crypto and Forex markets, means that you can use our service to complement your analysis in your first steps towards becoming a successful trader.

Our Support team answers all the doubts that our students have as soon as possible, not only when they are doing the course, but also after finishing it.

You can access the Support email at the bottom of this website or by clicking HERE.

The course is divided into 67 lessons of an average duration of 10 minutes each, which makes the total duration of the course about 12 hours.

The fact that the lessons are short means that you focus on the important concepts and that the information you receive is appropriate and fair, with no useless concepts. In addition, it also makes it easier for the student to concentrate and put into practice what they have learnt.

Our students usually take 2 to 4 weeks to finish all the modules.

Yes, we do. WolfxSignals is our main brand, and there you will find our Daily Signals services in the Forex and Crypto markets.

It is a very good way to complement the knowledge you have learned at the Academy, especially in your first steps towards becoming a profitable trader.

You will have lifetime access to the academy once you purchase the Champion plan. This way you will be able to access the classes whenever you want as well as having access to the new ones that we will add in the future.